Seth Carter

My name is Seth Timothy Carter, I was born November 12, 1995 in the charming town of Monterey, California. To a lot of you that date may be insignificant, that may have been a time before you came into the world, or when you were young and your brain was too busy keeping up with learning the gargles that came out of the giant’s mouths around you to have time to keep up with trivial things such as memories. Or perhaps that day was just another day for you where you went to work, came home and flipped on the news where you learned that the U.S. record for the wine auction had been broken, where a double magnum of Chateau Lafite 1865 was sold for $27,600. However, for me that date was quite significant as it was the day the universe was formed.

I was raised in a military family which meant bouncing around from place to place during my youth. By the time I was 10 I had lived everywhere from Iceland, to Washington D.C., to one of the Hillbilly capitals of the great US of A, Alabama. I had an older and younger brother, as well as two younger sisters. We would all take turns in the age-old tradition of annoying each other then turn right around and make fond childhood memories with each other. The years flew by, dreams came and went and I feel like I started the rocky climb of the personal characteristic development of the person I am today when I reached high school. Many may argue that you can see a human’s personality start to show when they are much younger, but that is looking from the outside in, and many people are often wrong. So I will tell my conscious recollection of the events as I know from the random bits and pieces floating around in my mind that I somehow deemed worthy of placing in my long term memory.

In high school I had many dreams, the two that took precedence over the others were to become an astronaut and be the first man to live on Mars, and to become a writer. Being able to experience what no man in history had before was what fueled the curious former dream. The latter was filled through the desire to create a world and experience that could be shared by millions as they stepped into my imagination. The latter seemed a bit more realistic so I spent the end of high school and the first few semesters of college chasing after that dream. Then the crushing reality of statistics and tales of failure hit me and I decided that the latter dream as well was quite unrealistic and was unattainable without a stroke of luck. I decided that IT would be a well-paying field that I could get into that would provide a stable life while I worked on the dream that may never come to fruition, which is what led me to where I am today.

While I choose IT mainly for it being a seemingly flourishing field, life has a funny way of weaving things together. During my time in the IWT program I quickly realized that I enjoyed creating sites. While I am not crafting a story, it shares quite a few similarities with my passions. If you envision a responsive site, with a beautiful color scheme and image carousels you have to write the code to accomplish that. In writing, I always enjoyed the challenge of getting my reader to see the world I did through my words. In coding you accomplish the same thing quite literally. The more languages and methods I learn, I can create more diverse webistes which provide a great sense of accomplishment.


Advanced Level, I have a professional working knowledge of HTML5.


Advanced Level, I am knowledgable on the majority of CSS3 from border-radius, to floats, to transitions.


Advanced Level, I have used Bootstrap on many of my sites and Coursework, see websites below for example.


Beginner Level, I have taken a 40 day Javascript/JQuery course at Ranken, and have utilized it in numerous instances such as on forms, for carousels, and to make a calculator, but have yet to thoroughly learn it.


I have done two summer interships at Aegis Strategies, which was ranked by Inc. 5000, as one of the top 1000 fastest growing companies in 2015. They also gave it #20 Top Logistics & Transportation companies in America. I worked with setting up an online system for managing tasks and customer tickets, as well as setting up a digital calendar system throughout the office for accesibility purposes.