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Hello, welcome to my portfolio site!

Through this website, you can view some of my personal work, read a bit about myself, and contact me via email. Thank you for taking the time to view my page.

A Bit About Myself

To start off, I am twenty-four years of age. I live about an hour southwest of St. Louis called Washington, MO. It is a small town along the Missouri River. It's the type of place that is dead early in the night, where there isn't much to do that really interests me. I do like rural areas, as well as urban areas. I have been living in small towns around Washington since forth grade, and I am ready for a change. Currently, I am in my first semester of Internet & Web-Based Technology at Ranken Technical College. I am ready to graduate, get to work, and have a house of my own or have one with a close friend that I can trust. Aside from school, in my spare time, I practice programming. I enjoy writing music with a program called FL Studio, going to different food spots and breweries around the city, and thrifting for vintage Ralph Lauren. Besides that, because I have such a busy schedule, I like to just sit down and take it easy when I can.

I love web development, and I look forward to what my future holds in such a wonderful industry. The sky is the limit!


This is the portfolio section of my website. Here, you can view my personal work, which includes my first client website, and some of the work I've done for class.

My First Client Site: Peu Fréquent

For our final, we were given the task of finding a client in need of a website, and making one for them. Peu Fréquent is a new independent clothing company ran by one person locally out of St. Louis, MO. I started working on a new look for his existent site early in my first semester, so he ended up being my first client.

PF Homepage

Bootstrap Practice

Part of our first semester was dedicated to learning Twitter Bootstrap. Here is an example of what we learned that we can utilize with this great framework.

Bootstrap Example

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Phone: 636.290.8972
Address: 111 E. 6th St, Washington, MO