My Java Labs

Import Statement
Imported a Scanner Object

Instance Fields
Using 3 'inputTest' instance fields

Instance Method
Multiple Instance methods in this class

Employee Constructor that accepts multiple arguments

If statement
If statement at the bottom of the class

Multiple methods containing if-else statements

Method containing if-else-if statement

getDays() method containing a switch statement

Decimal Format
Using Decimal Format in the ButtonClickHandler

While Loop
Using multiple while loops in the PopulationDriver class

Using a do-while in the for loop of the RainFallDriver class

For Loops
Using multiple for loops in the Payroll class

Running Total
Inches of Rainfall adds to total rainfall in the Rainfall class

Sentinel Value
Sentinal Value of -99 to end the application

The 'this' reference variable
Using the 'this' reference variable within the mutators and accessors

Overloading Methods
Overloading methods in the Area class

Overloaded Constructors
Using overloaded constructors to retrieve information in the Employee class

Fields in ParkingTicket class are instances of other classes

Static Class Members
Using static methods within the Area class

Using a totalRainFall Array in the Rainfall class

Equals Method
Equals method in LandTract

Extending parent class
Extending from the exception class

ToString Method
ToString method in the Employee class

Polymorphism Implementing Polymorphism in the Vehicle class

Handling Exceptions

Throwing Exceptions
Throwing an exception in the TestScores class

NameFormatter GUI

Latin GUI

TipTaxTotal GUI