Brief Description

My name is Mohamud Abdi, I am currently attending Ranken Technical College in St. Louis Missouri. My family moved to the United States from Kenya back in 2004. We are originally from Somalia which is located on the horn of Africa, but many people including my family fled the country due to a civil war that erupted back in 1993. America is a land that holds many opportunities and a bright future for my family and many others. That is why I plan to make sure that I take advantage of each and every opportunity that is presented to me. Opportunities such as elevating my education so that one day I may be able to go back to my people and open doors that create opportunities for them. I am an individual who works hard so that not only my life is improved, but the lives of other people around the world are also improved. I want to be the founder and CEO of a major corporation that becomes a symbol of hope. I believe that my visions are driven by three core characteristics that I see in myself. I am a person who hopes for a better future for tomorrow’s generation, I am motivated by the hardships we face because of mistakes our past leaders made. I am a young man who is highly driven and hardworking because I want to ignite a social revolution that creates an opportunity for every single person to pursue a future of peace and stability.

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