This occurs when you use an instance of a class as a field of another class.

"This" refernce variable

This is a keyword to refer to a field within the object's class.

Override the toString method

toString is a string that is used an object needs a string representation.

Over-ridden Equals Method

Over-rides the default equals methods to determine if the memory address of each object equals each other.


Arrays can hold multiple values of the same data type simultaneously

Array List

A class in the Java API that allows you to store objects like you would values in a normal array.

Binary Search

An alternate form of seraching an array, by dividing a sorted array in half and finding out which side the variable lands on, and continues the methodology till it tests all the variables, or finds the wanted value.

Selection Sort

A sorting method, that sorts arrays starting with the smallest value at element 0 and moving up to the greatest.