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Clint Coughlin

A little about myself

I graduated from Ranken in December of 2017, finishing with my Associates Degree in IT. I'm currently in the Service Desk Industry. In my current employment, I'm not only pushing myself to be one of the best in my current field at Centene. But I’m also furthering my knowledge in programming and coding alike. I’m pushing my knowledge forward with SQL, Python and Ruby. While solidifying my abilities within C#, Java and Python.

Art Hill, in St. Louis

My Experience

I've had the oppurtunity to gather some substantial experience to begin how I will sharpen my programming ability.

  • HTML5

    HTML5 - (Hyper-Text Markup Language)

  • CSS3

     CSS3 - (Cascading Style Sheets)

  • Javascript and jQuery

  • Magnifying glass-

    Current focus: ASP.NET, C#, JSAngular, and PHP

More information on these languages are in the Javascript/jQuery section.

Arch and the Cardinal's Baseball team's hometown

A little more
about the developer

My Sammy and I

I was originally homeschooled through high school until my junior year, then my siblings and I transferred to St. Pius X Catholic High school, a graduate of 2012.
I'm currently focused in strengthening my front-end programming ability as well as improving my server-side langauge skills. As I progress in this career, I wish to use these abilities to travel and possibly see the world with my best friend Sammy Davis Jr.

Monument hill, STL

Some interactive examples!

Here I've provided a few examples that use Javascript and jQuery script coding.

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HTML5 (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS3 (Cascading Style sheets) serve as the fundamentals and beginning foundation into the creation of web documents.


An object based programming and scripting language that is used to create interactive and dynamic effects for a web page.


jQuery simplifies programming and serves as another approach to learning Javscript. It is a collection of coding in a massive Javascript library.

Some tabs with some information:

Ruby on Rails

Simply Rails, is a Model-View-Controller (MVC), granting the ability to give structure for a database, web service and even individual web pages. It's a server side application. Find more info about Rails here!


This language is an object oriented progamming language that is also an extension of "C style coding". You can find more information about C# here!


This application is essentially an open-source server-side databased framework created for rapid web application development. This language is written in Trans-Sequal, (or SQL for short). Here is also a helpful website with a simple introduction into

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Some Examples of my work and completed tasks.

In these completed examples of some of my work, you may have to zoom in to get a clear picture.

My completed Midterm

Midterm practice

Midterm practice - (my apologies for poor quality)

Midterm practice

Other midterm practice

Other Midterm practice

Previous homework assignment

BootStrap Practice
( When opening the examples, fully zoom your window in for a better view of the image. They will be images, not an interactive web pages. )
The St. Louis Arch and Fireworks!

Thanks for Looking!
Here's a link to my resume!

Here is a link to download my Resume.

Here is also a small section of
some my client sites that I have Completed