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Kristopher Raines Client Support Technician | 2011 Graduate

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Kristopher Raines

In my 2nd semester at Ranken, I started working as a Help Desk Technician for a local call center, Customer Direct. I was responsible for providing tier 1 support for hotel guest’s internet connections, along with supporting connection issues for a few small DSL companies. After graduating from Ranken I began work as a tier 1 technician for Connectria Hosting in their Network Operations Center. Here I was responsible for fielding client phone calls and support tickets. My main jobs included monitoring the client server’s health, managing firewall rules and various tasks assigned by engineers. I eventually made my way to Windows Engineer, in which I deployed hosted Window servers and handled OS and software related support issues. After two years at Connectria I moved onto my current company, Information Technologies Inc. Currently I am responsible for deploying and supporting a .NET/SQL based software as well as providing SQL based queries to return statistical data which used by public safety agencies.

Ranken’s fast pace and ready to work feel has helped me land some very adverse jobs, with always changing technology. This training has helped me adjust quickly and be able to learn new things in an accelerated pace. This is the true definition of Ranken material.

Company Profile

Information Technologies, Inc. (ITI) is a full service provider of software solutions and services to the Public Safety industry. Our Enterprise Edition – Public Safety Software is built around industry leading technology; Microsoft’s .NET Framework and SQL Server and is completely Mobile Aware. Each Enterprise module is built around the ‘core functionality’ of the ITI Public Safety Framework, which acts as the foundation for this innovative platform.