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Chris Marfia Software Engineer | 2011 Graduate

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Chris Marfia

During my last semester at Ranken Technical College I was hired by Engage Software as a Web Developer. At Engage I worked on an array of different websites all based in ASP.NET using the DNN CMS (Content Management System). While I was at Engage I decided continued my education at Webster University; where after only two years I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Information Systems with an Emphasis in Web Development. After obtaining my Bachelor’s degree, I parted ways with Engage to work as a Software Engineer at Tapestry Solutions. Here at Tapestry I can wake up every day and know that I am making a difference.

My experience at Ranken has greatly helped me pursue my passion. Not only did Ranken teach me the skills I needed to succeed (C#, HTML, JavaScript, SQL, and more), but it also mentally prepared me for the real word. The instructors have and still continually support me and my advancing career even after I graduated. I owe a lot of my success to the many doors that have been opened for me thanks for Ranken.

Company Profile

Tapestry Solutions, together with Miro Technologies, forms Boeing’s Logistics Information Management Systems (LIMS). LIMS, a subdivision of the Boeing Training Systems and Government Services (TSGS) division, delivers value to The Boeing Company and its customers by focusing its products and services on DoD, Commercial, and International Markets, as a leader in developing custom and commercial of-the-shelf (COTS) software solutions and providing world-class training and support services. LIMS manages and optimizes business processes and operations to help its customers achieve maximum efficiency in their distribution processes.