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Brian Nelson Java Software Associate | 2014 Graduate

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Brian Nelson

After my second semester of IWT I knew my first programming language and that summer I spent my free time teaching myself the ways of Android development. Since then I have developed, tested, and deployed that app, and some others, to the Play Store. A month or so before graduation I was called in for an interview with NISC(National Information Solutions Cooperative). They were very interested in the fact that I spent so much of my own time learning, and that I came out of it with something tangible that solved a personal problem of mine. If it hadn't been for Mr. Gudmestad passing along my resume and having something that stands out as much as a mobile application, I probably wouldn't be in the position I am today. Every day at NISC I learn something new, talk about an amazing new feature or technology, and work with one of the smartest and most innovative group of developers.

Company Profile

National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC) is an information technology company that develops and supports software and hardware solutions for our Member-Owners, primarily utility and telecommunications organizations across the United States. NISC is an industry leader providing advanced, integrated IT solutions that are java-based and focused on the cloud. At NISC, our focus is service excellence and innovative information technology solutions that enable our Member-Owners to excel in customer service, maximize diversification opportunities, and compete effectively in the changing utility and telecommunications industries. Today, more than five million consumers in 48 states, American Samoa, Palau, and Canada receive utility or telecommunications services from companies utilizing our advanced information technology systems. As a cooperative, NISC is owned by the users of our systems, our Member-Owners, providing an unparalleled working relationship and inside understanding on industry operations, changes and requirements.