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4431 Finney Ave, St. Louis, MO



(314) 286-3691

Blake Nickerson Web Developer/Analyst | 2014 Graduate

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Blake Nickerson

After Ranken, I had many places offering me positions. Mr. Gudmestad helped a ton with the finding of my current position, and well as many other position choices (Secretly, I didn't have to do any job searching!). With the education I received from Ranken, I was able to jump right into a job, meeting the expectations of the company and more.

Ranken gave me all the skills that I needed to jump into doing the things I love. I have literally taken everything from my Web & Application Development classes and use them daily on the job.

Company Profile

Forward Slash Technology is a computer consulting firm that serves companies located mostly around the St. Louis area. They offer IT and computer consulting and support services. They do everything from network security, VOIP services, camera security and now, since I've been hired, they offer web development, application development, and marketing.