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Bill Kindig Web Developer | 2013 Graduate

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Bill Kindig

Two months before graduation, I started an internship which continued past graduation, for a total of 6 months. During my internship, I practiced my .NET development skills and became more comfortable and confident in my abilities. After I finished my internship, I took a part time job while I looked for permanent work. After only a couple of months of searching I attended the Ranken Job Fair, where I met my current employer. Just five months after graduation, I finally found my first full-time position as a web developer working for Sierra International Inc.

Ranken helped prepare me for the work environment by simulating it in the classroom. Along with learning all the newest and most used technologies, we worked on projects every day in class. The emphasis was placed on learning and practicing our skills, and gaining experience, rather than only reading from a book every day. Ranken also helped our class reach out to experienced web developers to help give us an idea of what our future careers would be like.

Company Profile

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