Internet & Web-based Technology
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Internet & Web-based Technology

Ranken Technical College

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Class of Fall 2014 & Spring 2015

Internet & Web-based Technology

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XHTML / CSS1 1st Semester

HTML5 / CSS3 / JS / jQuery 2nd Semester

Java / SQL / ADO.NET 3rd Semester

C# / ASP.NET / .NET MVC 4th Semester

About Internet & Web-based Technology

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Focusing on Internet and Web-based programming with experience in Web design, students will utilize industry-standard applications such as Microsoft’s Visual Studio and Adobe® DreamWeaver®; and learn hand-coded HTML, CSS, JavaScript, T-SQL and the Microsoft® .NET framework. Students will use a variety of programming languages to design develop and maintain software applications to help businesses solve real-world problems and discover new opportunities via data-driven Web-based applications. The courses offered to students provide a great variety of skills and knowledge to students venturing into the field of internet and web technology. Ranken's two year program may seem like a short period of time but it offers the best variety of skills and readies students for a real world environment.

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